Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When I fired my last lot of items I also did a trial run for some buttons which I decorated with tissue transfer. I do not know yet what to use them fore. Perhaps even something knitted, we shall see. 
My friend Anna, another potter from Annasceramics has been making buttons and jewelry for a while and is quite successful with it. 

That is the view from my sewing table to the "grotto" in our backyard. The fern trees look so much better now. When we first moved in three years ago, everything was overgrown with weeds and needed a lot of TLC. I also painted and repaired the table and chair set which I collected in the council clean up. 
 My black cat, Mrs Plum often keeps me company when I am sewing or doing other things in my craft room. One of her favourite spots to sleep is on the cover for my sewing 
machine, a Bernina of course, (being originally from Switzerland). I love my Bernina!

Compared to some of you girls, my stash is extremely moderate. Picture below, just two shelfs, plus a few items that need altering, or may eventually end up in Vinnies!  No plans to increase the stock and change that in the future. I am very much for  "Unclutter your life" and I am in the process of doing just that. From clothes, shoes, books to kitchenware, everything will be sorted out. Feels good!
Thats it for now, some more from my corner of the world another time!

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