Tuesday, December 25, 2012

 Bag project

Since I started making bags I hardly ever use "normal" handbags any more. The shoulder straps are very convenient and leave the hands free also they are roomy enough to carry a couple of items home from the shops.I needed another bag for summer so I started digging through my boxes of upholstery material (from when we used to work in a friends upholstery business) and came up with  
a couple of colorful scraps of material just right for the project.  For the lining I cut up a silk blouse given to me by my younger sister many years ago which had a couple of stains. In the first picture you can see the little inside pocket which is actually part of the cuff of the short sleeve. I do not think there is any need for detailed instructions since it is very straight forward. The size of the material dictated the size of the bag, as a matter of fact this one is slightly smaller than my previous ones I made.

 I actually started making bags and other items to sell at pre christmas sales but after the initial rush I only sold a couple and then started giving some away. I still have about a dozen packed away, pictures to follow. Also I found when we had a stall at any of the markets there are so many bags and some of them dirt cheap that I hardly sold anything. 
In the meantime I am fiddling around to adjust a pattern to do FBA and having a bit of difficulties getting it right. More to follow on 
that later on. May get a friend of mine to help me. As you know it is sometimes a bit difficult to pin a back seam etc.Hope you all are having a lovely festive season!
Bye for now,


  1. Your bag looks fantastic! Love the idea of using the feature cuff for a little pocket - very ingenious!

  2. Thanks for visiting and your nice comments Judith, people like you keep me going!

  3. This is a great bag. The colours are wonderful.