Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pottery for the Royal Easter Show

This year I am entering a piece of pottery for the Royal Easter Show. The first time ever. The platter is called "Ethnic Blue" and is decorated with under glazes and clear glaze on top. They have a special theme this year which is "Clay on Display" Several other groups from in and around Sydney plus us the Port Hacking Potters will be there to do demos on the day. It is always interesting to see what other people are doing. So if you can, would be nice to see you there. Grab the kids come along and have a peep and a chat! 
For the next month there will probably not a lot happening on my blog. I am going to Switzerland to experience what a real winter feels like LOL. I am planning to take a few pictures though to show you. I am having difficulties deciding what to take. There is very little in my wardrobe suitable for below zero temperatures. That's what it is at present. Fortunately my girlfriend will lend me some warm stuff like coat, jacket and boots. I am leaving tomorrow, so "see" you later! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Garden news

I always like to have at least a small vegie patch. There is nothing nicer than being able to harvest your own produce. I must say that here it is a bit of an uphill battle since there is not much soil on top of sandstone and the position where the garden beds are is very exposed. At the moment I have tomatoes, lettuce some herbs, plus of course a lemon and lime tree. I just harvested a couple of miniature pumpkins which I grew from seeds collected from some  pumpkins which I bought last year. I made them into individual servings filled with cream cheese and lots of herbs.  We also had to re-concrete a little drain at the base of a retaining wall. The water just sat there in puddles and did not drain. Not good so close to the house since termites need water to build their tunnels. It is a lot better now but still not perfect. See how we go in the next heavy rain. Otherwise we will have a professional in to do something about it.
We also have a few frangipani which are in flower. Aren't the colors just beautiful!   

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My girlfriend gave me this Top in a peasant style cut. It is some sort of Missoni like material, probably sinthetic. I really liked the color and feel of the material and was looking at making something out of it. The pattern is a simple T shirt which I copied, do not remember where it came from originally and cut out a body and short sleeves. Since the body was to short for my liking I had to "patch" some leftover bits on the bottom. I do not have an over locker, but my Bernina has several stitches suitable for stretch Material. There you have it, pretty happy with the result!