Saturday, April 26, 2014

pretty in pink

The other day I happen to venture into my favorite little Salvos Shop and came accross a pink chequered skirt with a couple of dragon flies embroidered on it. I tried it on and it was to tight at the waist. I left it but went back the next day to buy it anyway, who can resist for just $3.00 To make it fit I unpicked the waistband and the two darts at the back which I do not need anyway (waist almost non existent)
Then I used the pink lining of the waistband to extend the outside of the waist. For the inside I simply used a scrap of white material. Et voila, another rescue. The skirt has been worn several times already and is now a firm favourite! Goes well with many of my existing pieces. As is often the case Pusscat keeps me company curled up on a shoppingbag! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Not necessarily easter decoration..........

My decorativ group on the divider to the kitchen is not necessarily easter decorations but rather timeless. I must admit I have nothing "easter"
A couple of cats given to me by a friend who knows my fondness for felines, some stones ( the dark ones lava stones from Namibia, the lighter colored ones from the australian outback) An old mustard jar with leftover orchids from a bunch of flowers and a few sprigs from the garden make up the composit. I almost forgot, the seashell is from down the coast at Potatoe Point!
Hope you all have a happy a safe easter weekend anyway. As the saying goes, better late than never.

Psychedelic gym wear and other

A girl at Jazzercise mentioned that my latest pair of thighs look very psychedelic and very seventies. Yes, I agree they are rather colorful and probably stand out. But I like it that way.
I also jazzed up a matching turquoise top which was a bit on the tight side. 
I also needed a new hoody. A piece I purchased at the salvos a couple of years ago for the princely sum of $3.00 fitted the bill perfectly. It was badly stained and I first had my doubts about using it. After a run in the washing machine everything was fine! 
Additional cost: zipper $5.00, lining for hood appr $3.00, satin trim/ribbon 60 cents  
total cost $11.60. The piece of fleece was very small and I had to join a couple of pieces to be able to make the hood, but overall another successful project and one very happy camper!
Just realized that I do not have a picture of the finished hoodie yet, will follow later!