Saturday, December 8, 2012

This was the last sale for the Port Hacking Potters Group for 2012
Just as well we had the stall in Cronulla Mall yesterday, today would have been rather unpleasant due to the strong wind.
The pieces in the fotos are examples of what I am producing. Being a cat lover I make the cat wind chimes and a lot of other dishes with cat pictures. Except for the small blue pet bowl there is nothing left. Everything "catty" is very popular. I not only love throwing on the wheel but hand building as well. Nowadays my work is rather colorful since I am decorating a lot.
We, Anna, Rhonda, Fran, Helen and myself, have sold quite a bit and our stock needs now replenishing for next year. I have been a potter for about 20 years but since sales are not as good as they used to be my production has diminished. Also my kiln does not work as 
well anymore since we do not have 3 phase here. So I have to go to Cronulla where our group has 2 kilns where members can fire. I am still using up material and clay and we shall see what the future holds in this respect. I have been thinking of doing a silver jewelry course or drawing, or learning to weld etc etc. I just love making things! So, now I am of making cookies to give away in one of my bowls. Talk to you later!   


  1. some good photos, Therese. As you say glad we weren't there today in this strong wind!

  2. Loved having a peek at your crafting work - the woven plates really caught my eye as did the Angel figurines. I am an ex-Sutherland Shire girl, having finished Year 12 at Cronulla High back in the 80's. Hope to see more of your work in 2013...

    1. Hi Judith, thanks for your comments and nice to "meet" you! Well I would not call myself exactly a "shire Girl" I grew up overseas in Switzerland and migrated here when I was 21. As I said, not sure yet where my pottery will go. When I first started I mad lots and sold lots. Now I make a lot less and do other things instead. Anyway, as long as it is something crafty I am fine. All the best Therese