Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bush walk

We often go for a walk in the bush which is really just across the road. A few impression from a couple of days ago. Its a bit of feast and famine with me in blog land. 
Well, that's it from me for a couple of months. We are heading overseas in a few days time and I will have some pictures and new impressions when we get back!   

We even have a bunch of Bananas growing in our backyard!

A few new pots

I am experimenting with some different techniques with making and decorating dishes. Will only find out once they are glazed and fired how they turn out and if they live up to my expectations.

Designs sgraffity through slip or under glaze  

Rolled out flatware with added on uneven edging

Pieces decorated and ready to fire


Flying visit

Living so close to the bush there are a lot of Kookaburras about. Sometimes they even come onto our deck waiting for some mince or meat off cuts.

Super easy bread

More baking! This time I would like to share a "super easy" bread recipe with you. The bread stays nice and fresh for much longer than normal bread and the taste is simply delicious.

Recipe makes 2 loaves
4 1/2 cups of flour either store bought bread mix or your own combination. 
You can add Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pepita, nuts, oatbran etc
I use wholemeal spelt flour and sometimes 1/3 of the quantity white flour
2 1/2 tea spoon salt, careful with salt when using bread mix, check packet re added salt
1/2 teaspoon dry yeast
600ml water

Put all dry ingredients in bowl, pour in water and use spatula to mix. It is to sticky to use your hands and knead.
Cover with bowl gladwrap and leave for 12-18 hours
Then turn mixture out onto some flour and turn and fold over several times, sprinkle with flour if to wet. Leave ca 15min
Prepare 2 teatowels with sprinkled flour
Take mix and split into 2 sections, again just gently fold over twice, place onto tea towels and leave for 2 hours. Dust with flour all over (sticks less to tea towel)
1/2 hour prior to baking place 2 ovenproof dishes in oven (must have lids, pyrex dish etc)
at 220 degrees
Place dough into dishes and cover with lids, bake for 40mins
Take of lid, reduce heat to 200degrees and bake further 20 mins to make a crust

Bon appetit!


More refashioning and resqueing from the rag bag

A little shop up the road had big sales on and I saw this nice and fresh white blouse on display for just $5.00. That's already cheap enough but the special on this particular day was another 25% off.
For the grand total of $3.75 I grabbed one, albeit in a very large and loose size 18. A couple of hours and some darts and tucks later I had a lovely piece to take with me on our holidays. I will need it since the temperatures in southern USA are already climbing towards the 30 degrees!

The next project was a chino skirt in petrol. To long, to baggy and to tight at the waist, not wearable in its original state. I cut the waistband off, shortened the length of it and also took in both sides. 
Fortunately I had some jeans cotton to stitch down the folded in waistband. Since the front vent had buttons all the way down, I ended up with a button hole close to the hemline. To take a way from this rather odd look I added a leftover button between the button holes. Another piece from which I will get a lot of mileage. Practical and color wise goes well with a lot of my existing pieces in my wardrobe. Not sure though if it will end up in the final to go packing pile! Space is of the issue since one case is already bursting with tent, sleeping bags etc and just the second suitcase is for clothes for the two of us

 Because of the detail shots the color of the two last pictures is a lot more blue than the real thing. 

 Last but not least a little white dress. Another neglected item which I bought several years ago but only wore once. The fit was fine but the length not good. Out came the scissors. 

As a little fancy extra I cut out the top back but left the collar on. Since I really like pockets, even though I hardly use them I put some on as well. I may change the buttons to red ones, just have to hunt around for something I like and which is special. May even buy some overseas, I know this fantastic button shop in Berne, Switzerland. Shall see.....

Girls, what do you reckon, red or white buttons?

The pictures are unfortunately not very good, eyes closed etc.  My photographer run out of   patience.