Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sewing Christmas Presents

Wishing all my readers a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year. 
Since I have a fair few boxes of bits and pieces of upholstery leftover material, I keep making bags, not just for myself but also to sell. I also started making aprons for both adults and kids plus Santa Stockings and little harts as Christmas decorations. Before Christmas I have a few sales either with the potters group or at Jazzercise. Sometimes people are coming to my home as well. Combined with my pottery this gives me some pocket money and at least contributes to the ever rising cost of my hobbies, especially pottery! Unfortunately I missed out on a few sales with our group because I am laid up with my left foot operated on. Bunion and one hammertoe gave me some grief and summer is the best time to have it fixed.   

 All laid out and ready to go for the next sale!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tales from my garden

Since we came back from our holidays I started planting a lot more in my garden. We are going organic and I am sure everybody knows that this is more expensiv than buying mainstream. So it makes sense trying to grow more myself. After four years living here the possums have finally discovered the tasty morsels in my garden. My husband built a cage to protect salads and other delicate seedlings from the little critters. Another issue around here is that there is a lot of sandstone and very little good topsoil. I have to constantly top up with either compost or a couple of bags of garden soil to get things growing and something decent to harvest. I also found that watering in the seedlings with Sea-sol ( made from seaweed, very stinky!) solution works wonders

 A variety of lettuces


 Radishes, capsicum and at the back lemongrass
 Mini strawberries, bearing fruit all year long
 Blueberries, never tasted anything as nice! Will have to buy a few more plants though

 Broccoli in between the flowers and succulents 

 A waterfall of nasturtiums, flowers seeds and leaves, all edible