Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another refashion

One of my husbands never worn dress shirts was heading towards the recycling bin. I had to stop this from happening  since the fabric is very good quality. To make it wearable I had to alter it dramatically. The collar and cuffs were uncomfortable and white to booth.  Enter Pegs Pieces at Kirrawee, they have a fantastic range of patch work fabrics. I have already found a few nice pieces to spruce something else up so I headed that way again. After looking at umpteen matching colors I found the floral one reduced to $10.00 per mtr down from $24.00. It had my name on it and came home with me. The rest is pretty straight forward, cut of the collar and cuffs, plus 3/4 of the front. Used the blue left over front for new cuffs, part of the collar and faux plackets. I initially had another material I was going to use but after having basted the collar on I did not like it much. I am now happy with the more out there floral pattern on my country style blouse.  The picture of how the shirt looked in its original state was accidentally deleted by my husband. However I am sure you get the idea!
I came back from Switzerland last night. Some pics and  write up to follow sometimes!