Thursday, November 14, 2013


After my muslin for the pants I tackled the real thing, namely a piece of material bought from Pitt Trading. I walked in there saw it and could not resist! The material is fairly stretchy but still firm, perfect for a pair of pants.  I think it is cotton.
Since the piece I bought was rather on the small side I omitted the pockets all together.
Again, I finished the pair and even though I took in the sides by another 1,5cm they where still a bit to big and I had again to undo the belt and make it smaller. From the very small off cut I also made belt loops. It seems there is no way around of me wearing some sort of a belt to prevent the hitching up!
I also tapered the legs a lot and made little vents. Overall, pretty happy but still not perfect.

 I will have to make an effort to attend some of the meetings of the Sewers Guild in Kirrawee. Perhaps someone will be able to help me to get the perfect fit. I know that a few of you are going to meetings at Rhodes for the Australian Sewing Guild. Unfortunately this is a bit far for me. However I may try Kirrawee and see how it goes.   

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