Friday, January 18, 2013

Garden news

I always like to have at least a small vegie patch. There is nothing nicer than being able to harvest your own produce. I must say that here it is a bit of an uphill battle since there is not much soil on top of sandstone and the position where the garden beds are is very exposed. At the moment I have tomatoes, lettuce some herbs, plus of course a lemon and lime tree. I just harvested a couple of miniature pumpkins which I grew from seeds collected from some  pumpkins which I bought last year. I made them into individual servings filled with cream cheese and lots of herbs.  We also had to re-concrete a little drain at the base of a retaining wall. The water just sat there in puddles and did not drain. Not good so close to the house since termites need water to build their tunnels. It is a lot better now but still not perfect. See how we go in the next heavy rain. Otherwise we will have a professional in to do something about it.
We also have a few frangipani which are in flower. Aren't the colors just beautiful!   


  1. Hi Therese
    I hope your lovely vegies survived the record heat yesterday. Love the pink Frangipani.

  2. Love your vege patch - is it still alive after yesterdays temps??? Our lime tree has had a bumper crop this summer - guess it was due to all the rain prior to last Sprng. I was smart enough (as if!!!) to marry a plumber, so water issues are never a problem with me ... J

  3. Hi girls, the tomatoes are burned where the sun hit them and the lettuce is also a little worse for wear. But everything survived.
    The limes and lemons are still fairly small, both the trees and fruits. Yes, a plumber would be handy, but I am not complaining my husband is very handy!Hope you have a lovely weekend.