Saturday, July 19, 2014

From kitchen and table

We have just returned from the outback and did not get around writing my "report" on it. To busy with our visitor from overseas, going out all the time etc etc For now just a little write up I had stored away for just this reason! I start work on the up date shortly!
The place mats are finished and I really like them. Colorful and pretty much matching the screenprint over the dining table. 
We had guests the other day and I made carrot and zucchini pie with a herb salad as entree.
I love cooking and for quite some time have embarked on a mostly vegetarien cuisine. It looks as if we are on the right track since my husbands blood check is so much better!  I agree it is more work, a bit more expensiv and more planning is involved, but all considered well worth it!

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  1. very nice material and I'm sure the food would be very tasty