Saturday, April 26, 2014

pretty in pink

The other day I happen to venture into my favorite little Salvos Shop and came accross a pink chequered skirt with a couple of dragon flies embroidered on it. I tried it on and it was to tight at the waist. I left it but went back the next day to buy it anyway, who can resist for just $3.00 To make it fit I unpicked the waistband and the two darts at the back which I do not need anyway (waist almost non existent)
Then I used the pink lining of the waistband to extend the outside of the waist. For the inside I simply used a scrap of white material. Et voila, another rescue. The skirt has been worn several times already and is now a firm favourite! Goes well with many of my existing pieces. As is often the case Pusscat keeps me company curled up on a shoppingbag! 


  1. Great way to get this skirt to fit.

  2. Great reworking - it's lovely :)

  3. Thanks Sharon and Sarah, happy with the result to!

  4. that is such a cute skirt. I love the dragon flys