Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New years thoughts

A few contemplative thoughts at the beginning of the new year. Still nothing much happening on the creative front, mojo gone AWOL. As for my blogging, I am not sure if I should persevere. Sometimes I feel like a real misfit, not a real sewing blog, not enough pottery to call it such, whenever I cook I forget to take a picture etc etc. I also feel apart from a few very loyal friends people seem not terribly interested in what is going on in my neck of the woods. Anyway, enough whingeing, shall see what is happening in this respect.
We have been to the country music festival in Tamworth. Terribly hot place, was definitely to hot to be filming but had to be done anyway.
On several of the back roads we saw cattle droving "on the long paddock". Some people may not know what that means, so here we go: When there is a drought farmers take their herds to graze on council owned strips of land along the road, hence the expression. Breaks your heart to see the animals grazing on nothing but short dry stubble since it is also extremely dry up that 
way. Can only wish for something liquid from the skies for the farmers up that way.

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  1. keep it up for your own enjoyment, to look back on..
    gosh I know it is the middle of summer but that sure is drought conditions.. so different to when we were last up there about 18mths ago..