Saturday, August 24, 2013

I am back and glad to be home again!

Almost a forth night has passed since we returned and I still have not been updating my blog.  My apologies, I was snowed under with  other issues, computer problems, assisting sick friends, doctors visits etc. But now let me give you a bit of an overview what we have been up to during our 3 monthly absence.
From Sydney we flew to Los Angeles and on to Dallas/Texas. Getting through customs is a real pain in the neck and even though we had almost 3 hours layover, there was hardly any time to spare. Arriving in Dallas we picked up our car, a Dodge Caravan. The back seats can be laid flat and stored in the floor of the car therefore enabling us to sleep in it. 

 We bought an esky  and one large pillow which I cut in half to make two small ones. The rest we brought with us in the second suitcase, sleeping bags, airmattresses, a small cooking set and last but not least a one cup italian coffee maker to go on the gas cooker. A cup, wineglass and paper plates and a small assortment of herbs and spices completed the camping kitchen.

This was our first camp on a lake shore somewhere in the southwest of Texas.

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