Friday, March 8, 2013

Sorry guys, have still not put together my wintery pictures put had another blog stored away for for lean we go:

Once there was some Tessutti Fabric.......

A couple of years ago, the first time ever I went to Tessutti's I bought some nice cotton sateen fabric for a summer dress. Well here is the finished result, finally. The pattern sort of leans towards  New Look 6002 but the top is one of my own altered designs with FBA and the pleats in the skirt are about half the size of the ones in the pattern. I had to cut the top twice since the first one was to tight. Then I had to juggle to fit another top on the small piece of material. Anyway in the end I made it and here is the result. I am working towards making my own pattern, up to now it is still trial and error. I am just to big at the top compared to the bottom and the waist is practically non existent. I know, I know, nothing unusual but to get a proper fit still needs some work. I feel I even look somewhat pregnant in it. Not one 100% happy, but still a comfortable summer dress.
We are already in the process of organizing our next trip which will take us to the US of A. 
As always we will be camping as much as possible, especially in National Parks and State Parks which are always nice to camp in. I am looking into making something new to take along, like a versatile jacket which I could dress up or down and perhaps a T-Shirt dress to go with it for something a little nicer besides shorts and T shirts. Shall see....Generally speaking I find it a lot harder to make things suitable for my "non working" life style. I am sure you know what I mean, no more little suits and blouses etc. I feel I am constantly in pants or shorts and have to make an effort to dress up a little when I go shopping or so.  What about you other girls not in the workforce any longer how do you feel about this issue???  

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  1. I like the material pattern, very nice.
    Yes, I know what you mean about needing to make an effort to dress up a little (and as I don't sew Shopping is a chore!)